My dotBrighton game jam entry, set to theme of “The Sea”. I took my inspiration for this game from plankton, which are generally awesome little creatures – given their propensity for sustaining entire ecosystems. But I was also interested in how such tiny creatures can take a break from being bottom of the food chain and wreak havoc and destruction by causing red tides.

Two days of frantic jamming later the result can be seen below! As an added bonus it also won the jam prize for technical achievement, awesome! But really at the end of the day it was about meeting new people and having a good time creating games together.

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me screen shot

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me screen shot


Download for Windows and Mac


Cause a red tide by collecting food and releasing it into the environment.

Win by eating all the food. Bonus points for getting a second ring of food. (The game won’t show any game over screen yet, being a game jam game completed under insane time pressures)

Mouse Left Button: Propel yourself around in the direction of the marker on the red plankton
Mouse Right Button: Turn eaten food into poison which can kill other plankton
R: Restart
Q: Quit


The Game and Graphics – Peter Cardwell-Gardner (me)
Music and SFX – Calum Bowen

Built in Unity3D

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