Cadence on Kickstarter

Huge news everybody, we’re on Kickstarter!

What an absolutely frantic few weeks it’s been, but we’re really chuffed with the big-bang kickoff and support we received from our circles. Everyone did a fantastic job shouting it wide and far, and we’re really humbled by the support people have shown so far. 

The path to Kickstarter:

As many loyal followers are aware, we had to break rank at the end of last year due to financial difficulties. As emotionally laid bare in Peter’s previous post, working under such uncertain conditions was a gruelling affair leading to the realities of burnout. But thankfully taking a break is the best prescription! Not only did it allow us to recharge ourselves, but it also allowed the good parts of Cadence to shine brighter in our minds again. Importantly, this reminded of us of what was so special about the game in the first place. That means we’re back, with a bang!

Even though we weren’t actively working on Cadence, many serendipitous things were ticking over in the background. We’ll be saying hi to folks at GDC, Cadence is on the lips of more and more audio/game devs who we all deeply admire. We’re also thrilled to be receiving some recognition on the reward circuit. Incredibly, during the same weekend, Cadence will be on show at both the South by Southwest (SXSW) Gaming Expo and the EGX Rezzed Leftfield collection! Both amazing opportunities that puts us amongst some very esteemed company.

But as wonderful as all of these happenings are, they all require their own kind of special attention, adding to the many balls we were already juggling. In particular organising our stand for SXSW was a complex foray into the world of exhibition organisation: contracts, insurance and a whole host of other things we never dreamed we’d be dealing with.

Honestly, even without these, we knew we were biting off a very big mouthful. We did our research – a successful Kickstarter campaign in itself requires between two and three months of full-time work. The tasks are endless and the needs varied: business administration, project setup, Kickstarter compatibility hoops, shipping and manufacturing needs, the pitch video project, frequent update schedules, and correspondence with fans, peers and press. To name some.

Between the Kickstarter, planning an American trip, organising a stand for SXSW, and still trying to service our contract work commitments, there was more than enough to consume the precious energy we stockpiled during the break. Was ironic taking a break to recover from burnout only to immediately start fanning the flames again. Overall, we buckled down hard and everything came together well, but some opportunities for exposure and engagement have slipped along the way. Critically, we haven’t had enough time to do the press rounds (a mountain of work in itself, especially if you want to show proper respect to journalists). This means that despite a great opening salvo, accolades and other exciting happenings, our voice doesn’t echo in quite as many places as it should.

Keeping the momentum going on any Kickstarter campaign is a tough job. And now as two indies from South Africa we really have to try and figure how to do that well.

But almost without exception, the most successful Kickstarter campaigns are made that way by the weighted desire of fans. And on this front, we’re doing fantastically! In the first few days of the campaign, we’ve already earned more than 200 backers. With a critical mass of fans wanting Cadence to happen, we think we can carry this the rest of the way. We’ll be diverting more of our attention to press over the next couple of weeks, but so far we’ve greatly valued the core that managed to get us our first chunk of backers. Not only do those numbers impress and encourage new backers seeing the page, but every extra person who tweets, shares and comments can probably take credit for getting our fan base this far.

If you would like to contribute further to our Kickstarter efforts, you can do two things which we immediately value:

  • Sharing the Kickstarter project link with your friends:
  • Reaching out to us for more information on the game. After all, this is being made for you! What do you need to know? What would you like to see in our next project update? If you’re curious enough about something, chances are that another potential player has those questions too! Holler on Kickstarter or catch us at any of our other contact points

Thanks for giving us cause to smile already. With your continued support we can make it the rest of the way.