Announcing the Cadence Noodlestarter: our delicious Plan B

Attention, backers and other wonderful humans! Are you ready for our most important news yet?

(Today we’re going to talk about not getting the money, and looking at alternative money instead. To skip all the reading, you can immediately help us by clicking here)

It seems like a forever ago that we exhaustedly hit the launch button and sent Cadence out into the world. Throughout the campaign, we’ve been delighted by the support, encouragement and enthusiasm shown by every one of you!

Unfortunately, the rest of the world hasn’t been so quick to catch on (unlucky, world!), and we haven’t hit our goal. Due to how Kickstarter works, that means all pledges are cancelled and no funds get transferred to us. Your wallets remain unperturbed, and we earn nothing (nada, zip) except cherished memories and somewhat-less-than-cherished jet lag.

While haters might say the campaign failed, we’ve seen so many happy faces and heard so many happy voices that we have to call it a success! Which is cool, except that irreplaceable experiences are not legal tender in South Africa or anywhere else we know of (we checked). So where does that leave us?

After some epic 80’s synth music montages of us getting intimate with the mysteries of the universe, we used our newfound introspection to channel ancient wisdom and boil our ambitions down to their core: noodles.

Noodles are simple. Noodles are delicious. Noodles were heated in a microwave, by whatever god you believe in, five minutes before the universe was created. But most importantly, noodles are the fuel we need to carry on building Cadence. So without further ado, we’re proud to introduce:

Help us finish Cadence by sponsoring the noodles we need to finish the game!

Update Feb 2016
The Noodlebacker tiers are no longer available. Lookout for Cadence on Steam Early Access in the near future:

We even got a dog, because market research told us to!
We even got a dog, because market research told us to!


PS: Cadence Forums!

We almost forgot to mention, our forums are now online as well! We’ll be manually sending out invites to anyone who backs the Noodlestarter, but anyone can sign up. And we’ll be answering your questions and going into more detail about the future of Cadence there, too. Note: you’ll need to be part of the Beta Program to get access to the Beta-Only areas of the forum, as well as our latest beta builds.