Toward the Light Screenshot

Let's Play Video (Spoilers!)

If you have any intentions of playing the game, I would recommend you play the game first for a spoiler free experience. It's less than 5 minutes long!

Set depths of the earth, your plight is to escape the vast cavern in which you have become trapped after a rock fall. Navigating your way through total darkness, you need to endure the desolate isolation of being all alone. Will you find the light before your flares run out and the darkness is left to consume you?


Toward the light was created in just 6 days during 2012 for the 7DFPS game jam (create an original FPS in seven days). I’ve always taken exception to the way Hollywood tries to create fear, and my main inspiration was to try my hand at instilling fear the way I thought it should be done.


The internet is a crazy thing. Being quite content with my creation I was ready to let it sink into the abyss never to be heard from again. But you folks had other ideas, and today there are probably hundreds of youtube videos featuring my modest little experiment.  And as you can see, some of them are just damn right hilarious. Apologies for all the dirty laundry I may have inflicted in the process.



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