Confused About Cadence? New Gameplay Video Ahoy

Being a rather abstract and experimental game, Cadence is somewhat difficult to explain in detail.

Of course, that’s exactly why we’re doubling up on our efforts to refine and succinctisize our communication about its core ideas and interactions (while also petitioning to make “succinctisize” a real word).

So: this is our new gameplay and overview video! It covers everything from the first basic puzzle to the deepest editor interface in less than five minutes:


Cadence: Catching Up On The Dev Diaries

After a while spent languishing in a special kind of WordPress hell, we’ve got our site fixed up and running blog posts like a nice, regular website instead of the custom beast that’s been splacked onto our homepage for the past two months.

So if you’re new here: welcome! This is the place to be if you want to keep with the most major news updates on our audio generative puzzle game, Cadence. For more general info on the project, check its page over here. If you like your info in an audiovisual style, the most recent episodes of our developer diaries are below.

Here’s Part 2, in which Peter describes the real-time audio synthesis behind our unique music:

And here’s Part 3, where Rodain sinks his teeth into the mechanics and motivation of Cadence’s multi-solution puzzles:

More videos are available on our YouTube channel, with dev diary updates, general game info and eyetastic trailers.

Veteran Designer Aboard!

In the time since you’ve last heard from us, the team has doubled in size — swelling from a respectable single developer to a gargantuan, two-man team. Rodain Joubert (creator of the IGF award-winning Desktop Dungeons ) has stepped in to bring even more heart to this indie love project, and the new talent injection has allowed Peter to focus on hammering out some awesome sound engineering. Check out our first Developer Chronicle and we’ll tease you with a listen:

Like what you see? Don’t forget to vote for us on Greenlight! More regular dev posts will be showing up in the weeks and months to come, so you’re welcome to stay tuned and follow our story. Important updates can be sent to you via the newsletter signup at the bottom of the page.

Cadence has been Greenlit!

We are very pleased that Cadence has been Greenlit and will be available on Steam. Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
Steam Greenlight